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WWII Repro Hawley or Saint Clair Rayon Sweatbands. Size 7-1/2.


These are my own custom made Rayon Sweatbands. Finding original parts like these can be difficult and very expensive, so these are great alternative for you Army & Leatherneck reenactors!

For now Size 7-1/2 is what is available. (Black & nickle hardware are both very Authentic for WWII sweatbands.)

These are made from quality Rayon webbing from Jmurrayinc1944 and official DOT/Scovill & United Carr hardware/fasteners. (Original WWII contractors). Genuine US made leather. These will continue to darken with use over time.

****No liner is included in anyway shape or form, it is simply for display purposes.****

Please note that Rayon sweatbands are NOT adjustable. The leather will be a bit stiff at first yet with some use it WILL contour to your head. Also, Rayon webbing tends to stretch a little, so give these bands time to stretch & form properly.

I accept Paypal, Money orders, Western Union & Checks (But those have to clear 1st)