Dropzone Helmet Restorations Co.

WWII Replica US M1938 Tank Crew Helmet M44 Polaroid Goggles. 3rd Armored Division.

Up for sale is a Replica WWII U.S. M1938 Tank Crew helmet. This appears to be a pretty solid repro of the originals that were used in WWII. I have aged & weathered this Tanker body & Leather to look like a true "Combat Worn" helmet. The patch of the 3rd Armored Division was hand painted BY ME. (The D-33 refers to Company D, 33rd Armored Regiment of the 3rd Armored Division.)

The this also includes Authentic/original WWII M-1944 Goggles with a clear lens & its original storage box. (These were made by POLAROID.)

I accept PayPal & credit cards Via STRIPE Payments. Shipping in the USA is $17.95 and actual EXPRESS Airmail for all overseas purchases. (Contact Me for a quote.)