Dropzone Helmet Restorations Co.

WWII Original Leather M1 Helmet liner chinstrap., Sweatband, Nape & tie string LOT.

I AM SELLING THIS AS A COMPLETE LOT... Not as individual pieces.

Original WWII M-1 helmet leather liner parts LOT. NOTHING has been touched or altered on these parts, overall a very nice find of what is becoming a very rare pieces of history. Perfect for your collection/displays.

-L&N Specialties sweatband (I've never seen this maker in person before, only in reference books). Super Rare??? Clips & HBT webbing are very nice, leather is still pliable... not too shabby for pushing 80 years old!!

-S.M.C. Nape strap (United Carr hardware)

-Khaki Tie string

-Original green buckle liner chinstrap. All parts present, United Carr hardware. Good for display, please see all pictures. She's not perfection by any means but all original.

Best to leave as is, if placing this on a liner... do so at your own discretion. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BREAK IT.

I accept Paypal & Credit cards Via STRIPE PAYMENTS. $12.95 (Will be shipped Priority Mail to ensure a safe delivery).