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WWII 517th PRCT Chinstraps. NOS Buckles & HBT Webbing. AGED (One set only!)


-517th PRCT (Parachute Regimental Combat Team) Chinstraps.

This is ONE ONLY item of Aged/weathered PRCT style chin straps.

The straps are made from high quality cotton webbing. 3/4" webbing (OD#3... slightly greenish)

The Chincup is made from Surplus HBT webbing. It is a Sand-Tan shade.

Blackened 5/8" Friction Buckles. (New Old Stock aka Original parts)

These were only used by the 517th PRCT. These straps should only be used with early war Fixed bales or M2 D-bales. (Not recommended for Swivel bales). You are purchasing One (1) set at a time. ALSO, these were "Never" an official Army specified item, it was made in field from spare parts.

Simple to install and fully adjustable.

!!!!!!Also, colors may vary from your PC/laptop screen vs. mine.!!!!!

I accept Paypal. Shipping in the USA is $3.95 Because of COVID-19 International shipping is still a total mess. Contact me if you have questions.

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