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Vietnam M-1 Helmet Westinghouse-CAPAC liner Mitchell Camo Cover USMC Rations I AM BECOME DEATH



Vietnam M-1 USMC Helmet & liner Mitchell Camo Cover Rations

HELMET: US made 60's Rear-seam Swivel Bale. M-1 chinstraps, the steel pot is in used condition. Paint is original textured Apple Green and not altered by Me. Heat stamp is: 700


HELMET LINER: This is a "SUPER RARE" 1953 CAPAC-Westinghouse liner from the Korean War that was RE-ISSUED for the Vietnam War. It has the Soldiers name & Serial number sewn on the sweatband (you rarely see this) and nothing has been added or tampered with on the liner. The sweatband is dated 1961 and while faded an early 60's nape strap. ***That liner chin strap is also 100% original to the liner!!!!***

ACCESSORIES: Replica Mitchell Camo cover that has been Aged & Weathered and marked up with Wartime Graffiti... applied by ME. Inner tube rubber band as used by the Marines. I also added some War time ration accessories, a vintage church key & 1960's spoon.

***Just a reminder that the ACE OF SPADES was a considered a symbol of Death by the Vietnamese, so US Soldiers/Marines would apply Spades or playing cards with Spades to taunt the enemy.***

What you see is what you will receive. Please note that finding and ALL ORIGINAL helmet like this is near impossible and if you did find one, it would be very very expensive.

I accept PayPal, Money orders are Checks. Shipping in the USA is $16.95 and actual Airmail for all overseas purchases.

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