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Vietnam M-1 Helmet & complete liner Mitchell Camo Cover "ACES HIGH".



HELMET: US made Rear-seam Swivel Bale . Original M-1 chinstraps. The helmet is in good/used condition. Paint, texture, rust patina are all original.

HELMET LINER: This is a Vietnam Era 1968 dated helmet liner & its original DSA dated (1965-66) sweatband & Nape. Outer paint is original and the webbing is in good condition.

ACCESSORIES: REPRO Aged Mitchell Camo cover. A repro helmet-band. I also added some original ration accessories & Ace of spades death card. ***The Graffiti was applied by hand, by Me.*** TOOTHBRUSHES were used for cleaning M-16/M-60 parts.

Due keep in mind that the colors might vary slightly from one monitor/laptop screen to another, yet what is pictured is what you will receive.

I accept PayPal, Money orders are Checks. Shipping in the USA is $16.95 and actual Airmail for all overseas purchases.

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