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ACES HIGH Vietnam era Mitchell Camo Cover (B)


Vietnam era Mitchell Camo Cover with a variety of wartime style graffiti applied by hand, by Me. If your old steel pot needs a new look then this should do the trick.

This is a ONE ONLY item and I have no others exactly like this... just the one. 😎

*****You purchasing ONLY the camo cover. That last picture is for display purposes only. If you make any assumptions that's on you.*****

With the demand is SUPER HIGH for this type of item, repro cover are very limited and instead I used a Post-War for this.

Colors may vary slight from monitor to screen, yet you will receive the very camo cover that you see in the pics.

I accept Paypal, credit cars Via Stripe and Money Orders. $4.95 for USA shipping. Overseas can be VERY expensive, contact me about pricing.

Please note that colors might vary slightly from monitor to monitor.