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1953 CAPAC-Westinghouse liner. Re-issued for Vietnam War. 1961 Sweatband 1960 Nape strap.



HELMET LINER: This is a completely untouched-NOT ALTERED in anyway 1953 CAPAC-Westinghouse helmet liner that was completely re-issued for Vietnam War service. The Dark OD paint was repainted by the ARMY with Nam Era Apple-Green paint plus a 1961 Sweatband & 1960 dated Nape strap installed. !!!!!

ALSO, please note that the sweatband has a name & serial number sewn into it, you RARELY EVER SEE THIS DONE.

She's in good used condition but still makes a fantastic display piece for your collection! AGAIN I HAVE NOT ALTERED THIS LINER IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM.

What you see is what you will receive. Please note that finding and ALL ORIGINAL helmet like this is near impossible and if you did find one, it would be very very expensive. SHIPPING is Via USPS Priority mail, $14.95 in the USA and Actual cost for International Orders.

Need Extra pictures, please ask me.

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