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USMC Vietnam M1 Helmet & Firestone Liner. Camo Cover "DEATH FROM ABOVE"


USMC Vietnam M-1 Helmet & Liner set.

HELMET: Rear-seam Swivel Bale. The chinstraps are original to the steel pot which is very good condition and has its original textured paint. Heat stamp is: 1-1531

HELMET LINER: Super "Rare" 1960's Vietnam Era Liner. Webbing, 1968 dated sweatband are all original. This version of Nam Era Firestone liners are Super Hard to find. (In 16 years of helmet restoring & thousands of liners, I've only seen maybe 5 or 6 of these.)

ACCESSORIES: Includes a high-quality Repro Mitchell Camo cover. The Graffiti was applied by Me for that late 60's Vietnam look. USMC type inner-tube band, smokes & accessories are ALL Included. ***Box is empty, NO cigarettes inside!***

What you see is what you will receive. Please note that finding and ALL ORIGINAL helmet like this is near impossible and if you did find one, it would be very very expensive.

Need Extra pictures, please ask me.

My Email: m1chelmet@yahoo.com

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